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In his interview with Atlantic Cities, Peter Saville, the Creative Director of Manchester (and designer of the most amazing Factory Records covers of all time) says that a city’s profile “is most determined by what it exports, and not what it imports.” In the past Japan has been primarily known for its hardware exports such as cars and tech, but as other Asian nations catch up in those categories, Tokyo is defining itself in different ways. With a greater population of 37 million, it is the largest city in the world by a long shot, but despite its scale it is incredibly refined, creative and liveable.

Over the past ten years we have travelled to Tokyo regularly. Every trip opens our eyes to what’s possible, sparking the imagination and lifting our standards for life and work back home.

To share this with others, in 2013 we launched The Thousands Tokyo, an online city guide that covers our favourite places across retail, food, art, design, travel and culture. And, having established a unique local knowledge and network, we are excited to introduce you to our Tokyo Study Tour service, created for our clients and other property, retail and design professionals.

If you are interested in organising a Tokyo Study Tour you can email to request a brochure outlining basic rates, optional service offerings and also provides a small sample of great places to get you inspired. We look forward to sharing this incredible city with you. In the mean time, here's a video we made about it...

“The Tokyo Study Tour introduced us to authentic, innovative and highly considered designers and retailers which helped us to better understand the city’s sophisticated aesthetic.” Sener Besim, General Manager, Scanlan & Theodore

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Illustration Grace Lee

“despite its scale it is incredibly refined, creative and liveable.”